claire hinton

Supergroom to Olympia Dressage Rider, Spencer Wilton


February 7th - Frost spell and a hairy Tiny Tim!

As I'm sure everyone has noticed it has been a bit chilly over the last couple of weeks which means my chilblains are back with vengeance and I'm yet to find a cure for them!! However the cold spell has not stopped me giving all the horses a  haircut which means they are all looking beautiful, especially as I have my set of Eqclusive brushes to use on them, which I have to say are amazing and means I don't have to bath them as much which is great in the cold weather!! The only one that has not had a haircut is Neville’s best friend "Tiny Tim" and he is as fluffy as ever!

Even in the freezing temperatures I'm a great believer in keeping as much ventilation in the yard as possible, so try to keep all the windows open, I would much rather put and extra layer on the horses than shutting all the windows and doors. When it's so cold, it's not always ideal to bath the horses when they have been worked, so I find hot towelling works well, I'm quite a fan of the NAF warming wash, which I add to the hot water as you don't have to rinse it off. I'm very lucky that we have a dryer on the yard, so if I do have to give them a bath, the horses can then enjoy drying off in luxury, however Neville does not go under the dryer as he is a ‘sensitive flower’ and it dries his skin out too much. 
The other thing that has happened since I last posted is the exciting news that Spencer has a new, exciting sponsor which means I get to go shopping for a new wardrobe for all my boys! Very lucky and humbled to have the support. 



Hi, my name is Claire Hinton and I have worked for dressage rider, Spencer Wilton for two years. Before I made the move to dressage I was an event groom for twelve years. We are based at a yard near Maidenhead where we are lucky enough to have amazing facilities. At the moment Spencer only has five horses in (oh and not forgetting Tiny Tim) as he is very busy with teaching, so I am flying solo on the yard, I have to say I quite enjoy it as I can have everything as I like it!! A normal day for me starts at 7am when I feed and hay the horses and then my attention then turns to the main man Super Nova (aka Neville) as he always likes to be top of the list, I muck him out and then hand walk him in the indoor school as Neville doesn't like the horse walker!!! Once he has had his morning stroll, he happily eats his haylage and then usually has a morning nap while I get on with mucking the others out. Spencer usually comes in to ride about 9am, which means I can get the yard done before riding starts!! Most days all the riding is done by lunchtime, which is nice as the horses can then have a chilled afternoon and go out in the field as long as the weather  is being nice to us!! Its nice not having a lot of horses in as it means I can spend that bit of extra time with each of them, however Neville takes up quite a lot of my time (I'm sure he'd like me to be his own personal groom)!! Look forward to keep you updated with our adventures!