Today Piaffe Presents Nuno Baptista training Nina Rahmatallah on Acaso, her 11 year old Lusitano gelding where they work on counter canter and flying changes.

Nuno Baptista is an international Portuguese rider and trainer. His relationship with horses started when he was a small child when his grandfather, passionate about horses and a true horseman, brought him a horse to start riding.  From that moment on Nuno has never looked back.   

Working with a variety of riders and trainers including his cousin, Miguel Ralão (Portuguese Olympic Rider), performing, competing and training horse and riders from novice to Grand Prix Dressage, but also in the tradition of Working Equitation around the world, Nuno’s knowledge and experience is exceptional. Passionate about correct and classical training methods, inspired by the well-known Portuguese equestrian, Nuno Oliviera, Nuno is a true master of equestrianism, believing that ‘a large amount of patience, clarity in the aids and praise are the key elements of successful horse training’.   

Nuno was invited by the APSL (Lusitano Breed Society) and Colombian Lusitano Association, and took the opportunity to lead the Dressage and Working Equitation team training in Colombia from 2012-2015, and continues to return there to assist in their progress. Nuno offers the opportunity to visit him in Portugal on short breaks and receive training on Advanced Level Lusitano’s at a variety of locations, including breeding farm, Herdade Monte Negro, in the well-loved Alentejo region.

Performing as part of The Lusitano Ride at Olympia in 2011, Nuno has become a regular visitor to the UK, teaching in clinics organised by Desk Jockeys ( and is judging the Lusitano classes at The Iberian Performance Show to be held at Merrist Wood, Surrey later this month (19-21 August), presented by Sherene Rahmatallah and Sussex Lusitanos ( 
Nina Rahmatallah competes at Advanced Medium.  Having fallen in love with the Lusitano breed and subsequently Dressage for the last six years, Nina says her two Lusitano Geldings, Acaso, 11 and Gambrinus, 5, bring not only intelligence and generosity into the arena every day, but also a sense of humour!  Nina is working towards PSG in 2017 with Acaso. 

The Lusitano horse, an Iberian breed, is widely recognised as one of the most ancient and versatile in the world.  Popular for its characteristics of nobility, bravery, agility, enthusiastic trainability and intelligence, the Lusitano has a natural aptitude in many disciplines: dressage, show jumping, driving and of course the Portuguese traditional art of working equitation and bullfighting to name a few.

Maintaining and promoting the Lusitano horse within Portugal’s culture and tradition, The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art ( host regular public performances and exhibitions within Portugal and around the world.   There are plenty of festivals and events across the world where the best of Lusitano horses are presented and competed, however the one for the equestrian’s bucket list is the ‘Golegã National Horse Fair’ held over 10 days in November each year.  An event steeped in tradition and with an atmosphere unrivalled in equestrianism! You can learn more about this historic and endearing breed at the following websites and at Iberian specific events across the UK who present and promote the breed across a multitude of disciplines with traditional displays that never fail to astonish and inspire.