Throughout history, there were few moments outside the home that were not shared with horses. They provided man with transport, in both love and war, and they were indispensable agricultural partners and rarely from a man's thoughts. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the streets of Europe's and America's fast-growing cities were built using horses.

Although the industrialised world has largely dispensed with horses for daily work and transport, our history and culture are more bound to the horse than to any other animal. From the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great and the terracotta figurines of Xi'an in eastern China, to the pastoral scenes of Constable and Gainsborough, the horse has been an inspiration for great art. As John Jeremiah Sullivan writes in his eloquent tour of the history of men and horses: “A person today who knows horses, really knows them, understands more about what it meant in the past to be human than the most knowledgeable historian.”

Today, the horse lives only on the margins of human society but still in the hearts of many who work and interact with these beautiful creatures everyday. Here, in this gallery, we will celebrate those moments.

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