Piaffe is a management and strategic consultancy providing professional services to those connected to sport, entertainment, the arts. We work with a number of clients and brands and with the very best talent to deliver a wide range of services that are on point, on time and on brief. We manage people so you don’t have to and we pride ourself on producing effective strategies for clients, whilst showing people different ways of doing things. We like to challenge and if we can’t do it, you can be pretty sure we know someone who can and for the right budget. We sit at the heart of the creative communications industry, have no agency overheads and strive to help our clients with their objectives and reaching their audience. Whether you are a well known personality and we craft your positioning or you are a brand who needs to engage with your audience, send us a brief and we’ll send you a solution.


This is the main offering from Piaffe and is strategically led. We aim to help clients reach their goals through a in depth look at the marketing matrix, identifying and crafting the right solutions and aligning with talent we have access to, when applicable.

Many brands all have one thing in common: they have all looked at strategic partnerships as a potential market source in reaching their audience. Some embark on partnerships at a small level up to major sponsorship of events and its our job to create and execute an effective strategic and commercial partnerships for our clients.

Our public relations arm specialises in the sport, entertainment and the arts. We create and manage media campaigns for a wide variety of clients, providing quality service and the benefit of many years experience. Each job is bespoke and relies on the various skills, expertise and interests of a dedicated and talented team of individuals.

Our first objective is to simply outline from the beginning what a brand wants to achieve through a partnership. This consultative approach has allowed us to deliver principal partnerships across a variety of sport, broadcast and entertainment opportunities. We are committed that a tailored partnership will ensure that the brand and the rights holder embark on a partnership together; ensuring a successful and long term relationship for all involved.

Our creative collective resource have over thirty years of experience producing creative solutions for a multitude of brands and for the entertainment sector. Lean, agile and game to challenge; they have the beauty of no structures or overheads and you will always have direct access to the creative on job, right up to director level.

Our digital management encompasses the creation and delivery of websites – from concept to launch.
We create social media schedules driving audience engagement, create original content ideas around brand partnerships and events and manage your online voice and image.
Regularly refreshing artwork across all social media platforms with current and key messaging.
Increase visibility on key social platforms and in search engine results. We give regular feedback on analytics and audience response to content, with a view to adapting and reacting to audience response and behaviour.



Representation by Piaffe is focused on ensuring that all of our clients receive the best possible advice and guidance in order to enable them to have long careers and are positioned correctly to achieve it. We are focused on helping athletes’ careers on a global scale, both on and off the field by conceptualising and execute marketing and sponsorships deals, charitable tie-ins, media relations, brand and social strategy. Our athletes are all available for speaker opportunities so do get in touch with what you require.


To work with our clients to ensure that their earning potential and profile reflects that of their successful career. To build successful and long lasting relationships with their sponsors to ensure that their commercial needs are met. Develop their profile and align them with the right partners
To provide a personal service. Ensuring that passion, equality and professionalism is at the forefront of everything that we do. We understand the unique power of ambassadors in brand partnerships with sport – the celebrity that secures valuable media exposure, powerful shareable content and memorable live experiences.

Put quite simply, we ask..”What would you like to achieve through a partnership? We then work with the client to decide with them whether this should be with an event, within sport or entertainment and strive to make the relationship and objectives a success for all

Our rights management arm maximises commercial value for rights holders; from strategic consultancy to execution with a view to delivering maximum return on investment for the client.

“I worked closely with Abby and Piaffe, when the London 2012 Olympic medalist Charlotte Dujardin received the coveted Sunday Times and Sky Sports Sportswoman of the Year accolade in November 2014. Abby was exceptionally helpful during this process and did everything she could to ensure Charlotte was honoured at the Awards, which were broadcast live on Sky Sports. I admired Abby’s tenacity, professionalism and humour throughout. Without her help, the show would not have been possible. Abby is one of the best examples of an agent/PR professional we have seen here at The Sunday Times, who truly values the benefit of media coverage whilst also safeguarding the best interests of her clients.”
Rob Maul, Freelance Sports Journalist, Sunday Times Sport

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