Ryan Todd is an elite British Dressage Rider and on the British Equestrian Federation World Class programme. He is based at home in Ogden, West Yorkshire and a Freelance trainer, UKCC Level 2 qualified. Ryan is a big advocate for developing horses through patience and correct communication and is a firm believer in that there is no ‘quick fix’ when producing horses. He thoroughly enjoys the process of seeing them learn and develop.

His training techniques are very horse and rider friendly. Ryan encourages all riders to ask the right questions, and if there is a miscommunication, then he will try something different and find a new way, so both rider and horse reach their desired goals. If at any point Ryan feels the horse is feeling to much pressure, he will allow the horse to relax and start over. The same techniques apply when he is riding to when he is teaching. He concentrates on improving the rider as well the horse to make sure there is a happy balance of understanding and progression.

Today he teaches Bea Burnham Snudden on her eight year old mare by Blue Hors Zack. They demonstrate their warm up process and then training exercises for the horse working towards the PSG Level. For more on Ryan www.ryan-todd.com