Piaffe Presents - Nuno Baptista working with Nina Rahmatallah

Nuno Baptista is an international Portuguese rider, trainer and working equitation judge. Here he is training Nina Rahmatallah with her own 12 year old Lusitano gelding, Acaso. Nina trains with Nuno during his UK clinics which take place three or four times a year. Competing at Advanced Medium, Nina was finding that they were losing marks on their canter half pass movements, with difficulty in maintaining the bend and with Acaso sometimes 'getting stuck' behind the vertical. In order to improve this, Nuno works with Nina and Acaso on exercises to improve the canter, and uses canter shoulder-in exercises to help improve and enable them both to maintain the bend through the half pass itself. Nuno Baptista was one of the sixteen riders in last December's Olympia Performance, 'The Pride of Portugal’, and comes to the UK regularly to teach at clinics organised by Su Burrows, of Desk Jockeys, who is also part of the Piaffe Presents team.  To see when his next clinic will be, please see www.deckjockeys.co.uk.